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  1. Oh Wendy, you are almost there! What a formidable task setting up a shop like this! I hope it’s “feeding” you along the way, giving you back at least some of the energy that it extracts. Excited to see the final unveiling! Best of luck in these last days!


    • This will be a place, I think though small, you could spend some time taking laps around the 450sf, seeing something new every time. I’ve literally run out of space and need to get clever about more displays. Am loving it though a little exhausted right now.


  2. It is so exciting but what an undertaking. You have more energy than I do that is for sure! It looks so cute in your store…the kind of store I would love to visit.


    • You would be one happy camper here I think. It’s dark and Parisian like. Now windows except a big garage door that opens out. There’s a new pic on FB and am about to post over on chezchloe.com.


    • That’s the plan:) I really enjoy my community in this virtual world. And the writing, food and photos are fun when I find the time. I’m almost thinking it might be easier with being in the store all day- but I’m possible delusional 🙂


    • Could be worse- I’ve got like 750. I’m probably never going to really “catch up”- but I like to believe I will.
      Will put todays opening day pics up. A friend took some nice wide angle shots.
      x wt


    • Yes… I’ll work off the chezchloe.com blog for a couple months before investing in it though. And probably the first phase will be a basic site with photos and vendor info/links, then phase two with ecommerce. The design and coding isn’t in my budget and I’m not up for DIY in that dept. (the blog has been challenging enough!)


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