Chez Chloe officially open!

CC opening day-2

Woohoo. We did it. Here are a few opening day photos taken by a friend who dropped by with an awesome camera and a wide angle lens… and the ability to give them to me on the spot. Thanks Mr Gene Nery. You are awesome.

CC opening day-3

It was a gentle opening with friends and passersby giving me very positive feedback and some time to work out a few technicalities.

CC opening day

It was a beautiful sunny day with the garage door wide open.

CC opening day-4

I’ll get back on track with some recipes soon!


27 responses

  1. Congratulation ….. it looks fantastic … it’s a shop that would draw me in straight away. Very much you, Wendy …. warm and inviting – plentiful and quality. – so happy for you.


  2. Wendy, it looks absolutely like somewhere I would stop and go “ooooh” and “aaaaah” – the first picture makes me want to step inside, and knowing myself you would need to re-order a whole lot of stock after I’d been through your shop 😀


  3. Wow congrats Wendy! What a beautiful welcoming shopfront and a lovely space in which to browse. Looks like you have quite a treasure trove there. Will you be spending your days at the shop now? Love the different styles of shelving and the amount of wood in there too. Enjoy it! May you make lots of friends here! ♥


  4. Congratulations! I will try to visit when we (eventually) make it out to the west coast! I have been following your recipes for a while, so I know it would be worth the trip for whatever yummy thing you have on hand. 😉


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