A Day At the San Juan County Fair

Here’s a visual of our day at the fair…


Coming into Friday Harbor, San Juan Island
SJC Fair-3

Getting close to the dock. I love the overcast and foggy mornings we’ve had most of this month that break into warmth and sunshine by noon (usually). This second day of the fair gave us a little rain in the afternoon.
SJC Fair-2

Every year crowds of people load the ferry from near and far to head to the classic, small town

San Juan County Fair

SJC Fair-22

Riders getting ready for the ring

SJC Fair-4 The Swine HallSJC Fair-5 Can’t remember what this little cute guy was. Berkshire maybe?SJC Fair-6 These are Tamworths another Heritage Breed. These breeds are raised by small producers. Commercial pork producers use crossbred pigs that are able to survive over-crowding and un-naturally fast growthSJC Fair-7 Local Harvest is a national organization I’ve mentioned in past posts providing links to local farms, organic meats and products from a farm near you.  If you are in the Seattle area please check out Farmstr a new organization started by Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes for hooking up farmers and consumers in the Pacific Northwest.SJC Fair-8 Our good friend’s daughter showing her pet chicken. The 4-H program provides agricultural education, leadership and a lot  more all rapped up with fun for youth. I wish I could relive my childhood and join.SJC Fair-9Assortment of eggs from a variety of chickens, ducks, peahens and quails.

I want.

SJC Fair-10 We caught a moment of these pooches with their feverish energy. They were burning about about 1000 calories a minute. SJC Fair-11 And then there were cows.SJC Fair-12 O loves cowsSJC Fair-13 So much that he smiled as he watched her nibble at his sleeveSJC Fair-14 He grew up working on the farm next doorSJC Fair-15 We kind of want one of our ownSJC Fair-16Sheep. I like them but don’t have the same affinity as with pigs, goats and the cow
SJC Fair-17Sweeties
SJC Fair-18 One week old pygmies. They were the size of a kitten and tucked back into their dog kennel before I could snap a photoSJC Fair-19 O had a soft spot for this Pygmy. We think he was pouting due to the kitten size baby goats in the adjacent stall getting all the attention.SJC Fair-20 Last one. SJC Fair-21  Don’t forget there are loads of flowers, veggies, pickles and jams to be seen and judged. Also the crafts, yarns and sheep to shawl. But for me, I’m mostly about the animals.

Heading back to Orcas. We were on the ferry in the drizzling rain early that afternoon.SJC FairMISSING PHOTO:


These were stuffed in our gobs as we walked rapidly to catch the ferry to Orcas. Then since it was an hour late, we had to eat ice cream too. It was fair day after all.

Tschüß xx

See here… last summer practicing🙂Orcas summer clips goat milking

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  1. Awwww…what a sweet post. I love all the farm animals you showed. Our county fair is held just a couple of blocks from my house and it is a BIG event in this neck of the woods. Either last year or the year before we took time to walk through all the animal barns. I love seeing them but at the same time I feel sorry for them all cooped up.


    • I think for us too. The cow maybe someday but goats are definitely a manageable lot. We’ve got friends who have just kept theirs in milk for over five years. That’s a lot of milking but you skip the getting pregnant, giving birth part every year. Let’s stay in touch on the subject 🙂


      • I am not sure I can even milk a goat successfully – we are thinking very small – maybe just a couple of wethers to keep the weeds in check in the pasture LOL Milking sounds like advanced goatmanship 🙂


  2. What a gorgeous post Wendy! Aw, love the photos of the cows (I’m a little bit of a cow lover too!). It’s been way too long since I’ve spent proper time reading my favourite blogs. I’ve missed out! We have our ‘show’ (it’s like a county fair, but a city version) each October in Perth and I’m looking forward to testing preserves and seeing the beautiful farm animals too. So much fun! xx


    • Wow- attention for detail. I had to look at that again. She was a gentle creature at the fair. I don’t know the story except that she was bottle fed and very gentle. My husband was loving the attention. Thanks for stopping by. cheers, wendy


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