new york 2/14 second part

My first morning of NOT sleeping in and having brunch at 1pm meant getting myself up and out at 7.45am in this. I had the challenging opportunity to stay calm and carry on… but maybe not the way I had planned. Life’s like that right?NYC Feb 2014 post 2

And then here I am two weeks later…trying to find a chunk of time to sort through photos. A general, oft said statement and a valid dilemma in the day and age of digital photography. Not only sorting the bigger trips and excursions but the daily snapshots that are sometimes almost too easy to capture. My poor, only eighteen month old computer shouts daily “start up disk almost full” or when its pants are really in a wedgy “start up disk full”… and I have to force quit and clean out a corner.


The week in New York provided daily feasts for my eyes, tastebuds and heart. Inspired by all the new products, merchandise and ideas within the trade show, in my go to shops and on the street, food every night that left me in awe, and quality time with my son sealed the deal.

I generally spent a few hours at the show each day. I imagined more but reality declined. A couple of talks on social media and blogging were quite useful. But the majority of time, I perused and visited my vendors for new merchandise. Couleur Nature for linens always provides. I’m looking for more solids with accents this year.

NYC Feb 2014 spring, I’ll look forward to these

NYC Feb 2014 at the French Farm, an importer, may have been one of the first vendors I connected with in 2006 and has held a strong presence at Chez Chloe ever since. They have such a wonderful range of products and have continued to grow through the years, recession and all. L’Epicurean’s shallots confit is wildy popular and delicious and I’ll look forward to picking up the fig and olive confit. I remember seeing L’epicurean on the shelves when we lived in Paris in 2003. I’m happy to report their repertoire has expanded greatly and the quality has not diminished.

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-14 These cheese confitures are always a win win NYC Feb 2014 post 2-13 I love the classic ivory and stainless steel Laguiole knives but will add a dash of color for the cheese knives or serving utensils.NYC Feb 2014 post 2-12 Fallot mustards might make their way to Chez Chloe shelves once again. La Favorita in the right corner makes an excellent basil pesto and artichoke garlic cream.NYC Feb 2014 post 2-11

These never disappoint

NYC Feb 2014 post 3-47

Andresey jams and Bernard Michaud honeys. Citrus, lavendar and wildflower.

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-10

Izola was new to me this year being outside of the food or table realm. But being in a smaller space, I’ve strayed a little from only selling things related to food. I loved selling their beautiful green glassed, natural candles this year. The Heirloom was a delicious, popular summer scent. I look forward to carrying the new scents of Green Moss and Elderflower.

NYC Feb 2014 post 3-48

I’ll be ordering these fun shot glasses.NYC Feb 2014

NYC Feb 2014 company I’ve admired from afar, John Derrian. Beautiful work. I’m debating how I can fit this in Chez Chloe. He works cleverly with decoupage and design and also has an eclectic shop on the lower east side filled to the brim with his serving pieces, art, books, tablewares and all sorts of unusual items. These paperweights are just a small version of what he creates.

NYC Feb 2014

This wall of ribbon has little shop value for me but I had to add it in because it’s just so fun.

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-9Same with the bed linen displays. I’m indulging my senses and the fantasy that I’d have a housekeeper who actually made the bed look like that everyday… or pretending like I’d have the patience to myself.

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-3I also spent a couple hours in the personal body care aisles dreaming of a full on web shop just so I could buy and sell so many of the lovely products I tested and liked. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by clean, all natural, salts, creams and age defying jars and bottles. All of course with packaging to match.

One afternoon took me to Chelsea Market on 14th. Always a lot of fun… This red fire hose asked to have its picture taken.

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-15I spend the most time in Chelsea Market Basket, who also sell wholesale and where I do buy our own actual gift baskets and other products. They have an astounding amount of specialty foods from locals in Brooklyn and all over the UK and Europe tucked into every damn corner and inch of that store. Incredible.

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-17I take so many notes when I’m in New York City. My brain is already bulging with the information I’ve been sifting through and I not even close to finished. Here’s one of many interesting producers, Hu Kitchen

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-16I’ll end this post with one of our dinners at Colicchlo and Sons. Tom Colicchio debuted as a cook in many prominent NYC restaurants but I believed launched his career with the opening of Gramercy Tavern in 1994 with Danny Meyer. He has more than one venue from which to choose.

Starting with the steak tartare, always a favorite for me- it was fresh and you can check out chef de cuisine, Chris Lavey’s recipe video here. Only traditional ingredient missing in his recipe is a raw egg yolk- maybe he’s too chicken. Hahahahaha. ahem…to continue.. This photo does not do justice.

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-2-2

And for my main, the seared tuna. I was feeling raw that night:) Reminds me to get some radish seed started so I can garnish with radish sprouts like this at home!

NYC Feb 2014 post 2-3-2********

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  1. What a great place to be and exciting event to attend. It looks like so much fun! I developed a love of seared tuna last summer–much to my surprise. When it is done right, and seasoned well, it is delicious. 🙂


    • I could live on seared tuna or sashimi and tuna tartare is a favorite too. I learned if you drink green tea with it, it helps block mercury absorption- sad we have to consider that.
      The show was tiring and fun. I’ll probably hit the Atlanta one next.
      And I’m possibly going to Chicago the weekend of March 15th for a couple conferences. Will they turn the river green? x wendy


  2. This looks like you’ve had a really swell time!
    The pictures give a wonderful impression of what you’ve seen. I would have gone crazy there, too. The ribbons….oh, my!
    I LOVE the Pesto, it’s my favorite and we always have a glass at hand, just in case we have nothing else in the fridge…a bag of spaghetti is always stashed away 🙂
    Have a great week! 🙂


    • You know I actually love the garlic artichoke and pesto combined on some warm penne. ummm could have some for dinner this week. But damn I’m toying with gluten free this month- and sometimes a little Paleo… I’m always trying something. My husband is a very patient eater!


  3. Wow, with so many things to eat and look at, I’d be in my glory! I imagine it’s really hard to stay focused at a trade show…I’d be wanting to take so many different things to my shop (if I had one). Thanks for sharing your pics.


    • SO hard to stay focused. I generally don’t make any orders at the show as I need to get home, touch my feet to the ground and remember what 450sf look like. I’m a total body/facial care, candle and stationary ho! I indulge in just a little of each but mark out what I like to buy as a consumer.


    • Well… it’s not easy. I was working on a post a week and I’ve got to let go if it doesn’t happen. Getting back from the show and processing information AND my hubs, Ollie back last week for good. Lots going on.
      Do you have any fun on your work travel? You could always probably delight us with just a few pics- it doesn’t have to be a 1500 word post:) Note to me…


  4. Your post brought back lots of memories, Wendy. I used to have a gift basket store in Florida and loved going to all the shows. It sounds like you had lots of fun especially with your son being in NYC.


  5. Wow so much to take in! And so much of it tasty 🙂 Looks like a lovely trip. My favourite photo is the striking fire hose. So neatly stored and a cheery red!
    Looks like your shop is going to be bursting with fabulous produce! Glad you got some precious quality time with your son too x


    • Thanks! I loved that hose. It just stood out amongst all that brick and dark wood. You could just eat your way through Chelsea market let me tell you.
      It was a great week and I’m glad I’m finally pulling the pics together. I may pump out one more post.


      • Rosemary Beach is up in NorthWest Florida, basically between Panama City Beach and Destin. It’s funny that you are from Florida, as my husband and I know a lady who lives up there near you! She lives on Lummi Island somewhere near that foodie wonderland Willow’s Inn Bed & Breakfast. She’s a children’s book writer, I wonder if you know her?
        My husband is an advertising photog and has worker with her in some capacity, i think.
        Happy Friday to you! 🙂


  6. It’s definitely fair to say that you’ve spent your time in trade show heaven! How incredible did those delicious confit jars look alongside both the rustic and vibrant linen towels. Loving the different artisan products and you’re most certainly getting my patronage (if ever,) I make it to that side of the world 🙂


  7. Wendy, your second photo is not opening up … and when clicking it tells me no file.
    Some lovely stuff for your shop.
    Glad you visit Chelsea Market – such wonderful spot in New York, and products are just outstanding everywhere. We only had breakfast there, because we came back down too late for the lunch – every chair was taken everywhere.
    Thanks for sharing …


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