cold brewed coffee with homemade vanilla almond milk

As much as we are enjoying our latest indulgence of cold brewed coffee and vanilla almond milk now… I can only imagine making this by the gallons in summer.Coffee cold pressed-25It started with ummmm, let’s see, maybe an article from one of my magazines and/or just a few blog post readings such as Food 52 and The Kitchn. These are for iced coffee. I’m saving the ice for summer and just having it cold.

Cold pressed coffee

A little fact about me- I am a magazine JUNKIE and have subscriptions to: Hobby Farm, Bee Culture, Culture Magazine (cheese), Yoga Journal (I’ve recently converted), Women’s Health, Oprah, MS Living, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Country Living, Bon Appetit,and I’m down to the last of my German Food and Travel. The decor ones are short lived as they are usually the add for $5 special. I have stacks of saved French,UK,Australian and German issues. They are all interesting and I love to peruse them now and again.

Print recipe: {cold brewed coffee and vanilla almond milk}

Cold brewed coffee is quite a simple process of soaking medium ground coffee beans overnight for 12-15 hours

Coffee cold pressed-2You’ll find different ratios for coffee to water but my ratio has been 1 cup ground coffee for about 4 cups of water. I think you just need to play with it a little. I switch it up between our local french roasted coffee from Local Goods (higher oil content) or Herkimer drip blend (a drier bean) from Seattle. And from here- some will used it as a concentrate with the original four cups giving 6-8 cups of coffee. I find I like my ratio virtually straight up. I’ll add up to a 1/2 cup of the vanilla almond milk to 8-12oz cold coffee.Coffee cold pressed-3

AND with the idea of cold pressed coffee being less acidic and thus better for a little elbow joint pain I’ve been trying to keep at bay, we’ve been drinking this pretty regularly now. Check out this informative NYTimes article on cold brewing coffee as well as tea where they will also mention less caffeine and a smoother flavor.

Coffee cold pressed-4

I use a plain old strainer and the butter muslin I bought from New England Cheese Supply for making chèvre. Or you can find something similar on Amazon.

Coffee cold pressed-6Strain brewed coffee
Coffee cold pressed-5And keep in a sealed container in the fridge. I’m making enough for a couple days about every 2-3 days. I’ve read you can keep cold brewed coffee up to a week but in my opinion the flavor starts turning a little bitter.Coffee cold pressed-8The vanilla almond milk also starts the night before with one cup organic almonds soaking in cold, preferably filtered water for 12 hours. I have also read that a minimum of 2-4 hours can suffice.

Vanilla almond milk homemadeStrain out the soaking water Vanilla almond milk homemade-3Place soaked almonds in a blender with 2-3 cups of water. Now I know that is an annoyingly large variable with the water. I’ve seen anywhere from 2-3.5 cups of water used. The first batch I did with 2 cups water and it was lovely and rich. The second batch with 3 cups water, and it was a little thin at first but came together ok the second day… I’ve settled on 2.5 cups for 1 cup almonds.

I used a whole vanilla bean the first batch then moved to 1 teaspoon of Beanilla’s 2 fold madagascar extract.

Applesauce cake-9I add 2 T coconut sugar for sweetener. This you can also adjust to taste. Add a wee pinch of salt.

Vanilla almond milk homemade-6

Puree this for 2-3 minutes till almonds are completely pulverized. Then pull out the butter muslin once more to strain the nut matter from the liquid.
Vanilla almond milk homemade-8Next job is re-cycling the almond refuse. We could pretend it’s ice cream.

Vanilla almond milk homemade-11

The first batch I also used 2 cups of almonds and it was too much to use in just a couple days. Ollie still uses milk on his Meusli… – print recipe here– yes- the link is spelled wrong. I NEVER can remember the u comes first.. even after three years in Germany!

Vanilla almond milk homemade-10

Pouring and shooting

Coffee cold pressed-21

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is the aerolatte frother– for a quick foam and sometimes even to whip one or two tablespoons of cream.

cold pressed coffee wendyellenthomas.comIt’s really not a lot of work once you get in the rythym every 2-3 days or 4 if you want to stretch it out. I’ve tried heating it up but I just don’t think it’s as yummy. I’ll still have a hot latte in town now and again but use this recipe (for now at least) for the daily consumption. Again, I flavor about 8-12oz of cold brewed coffee with 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk, 1 tsp maple syrup and a dash more vanilla.

Coffee cold pressed-16

Here’s to a smooth, non dairy, low acid morning…or afternoon:)

46 responses

    • It’s pretty darn good. I had a bottled cold coffee with house made almond milk and coconut sugar in NYC (for 6$) and thought hey I could do that at home!
      Heading your way today (blogwise)… not to DE:)


    • I’m thinking we might stick to this for a while. It doesn’t cut it when you want a hot drink but for taste and a little healthy caffeine- it’s great. I drink at least 2 hot teas a day too.


  1. Great tips! I tried homemade cold brewed once and it was decidedly unsatisfactory. Might have to try it again in the summer! The almond milk does look yummy. What do you do with the leftover almond grounds?


    • You have to try it at home- and with different beans. I think I prefer an oily bean for it and experiment with the additions- i always like mine a little on the sweet side.
      Or maybe you just like your coffee hot. We get fixed on things no doubt 😉


    • I saw The Pioneer Woman’s post and she makes it with a pound of coffee and puts it in a lemonade dispenser. I could see that in the summer… even though we never get real heat in the pacific northwest. Not like where I grew up in Florida!


  2. This is incredible. And I think I need to read it a few times to really “get it”! I love this post. Your almond milk and cold brewed coffee sounds like something we would love. It is very charming. Maple syrup and vanilla milk in a cold strain brewed coffee, seriously doesn’t get better than this. Your photographs are gorgeous! I love your blog.


  3. this sounds like something I would enjoy! I do not like milk/cream in my coffee, except for the occasional mocha, but almond milk is different. I buy mine, but now that I have a powerful food processor, making it is an option, so I may give it a try…you’ve inspired me 🙂


  4. Again, you amaze me. I will have to try this cold latte but also I want to try making my own almond milk. Very interesting!


    • It doesn’t fulfill the warm fuzzy need of a hot chocolate or coffee- but I like the taste and actually feel less achy drinking it everyday. Nice to touch base Conner- funny I was just checking out your marinated leg before I saw your comment- cheers… wendy


  5. We’ve been drinking lots of almond milk around here since we turned over a new leaf for no dairy and no wheat for a while. It’s actually such a nice change, I love the flavor of almond milk. But this coffee?? I’d go crazy for one of these in the morning. I’ve got to give this one a try for sure. That photo you took of the milk pouring into the coffee.. was so tempting!! xx


  6. That’s a ‘latte’ love 😉 I actually love coffee cold or iced (more so) than hot. I might need to try this cold drip version soon. Those snaps are stunning, gorgeous. A morning cuppa never looked as good as this!


  7. Lovely! I have just made the move from soya milk to almond milk in my coffee, but I have never tried to make it at home. Thanks so much for the inspiration – yours looks so much more delicious than the commercial stuff and I can’t wait to try your recipe.


    • I go all over the place with full cream, soy and now my kick is the almond milk. I have to say it’s tasty and feels pretty healthy- at least for this phase. Thanks for checking out Chez Chloe:)


    • Get out. I love it when we discover something new. You just never know. I was afraid people would be like- yawn… cold brew coffee is so last year. Thanks Resa for making me feel worthwhile! You’ll like this and you can make it for several days. I make a batch of coffee and milk and keep it in the fridge. I’ll mix it up it in a canning jar and take it to work and shake it up in the afternoon. I do prefer the cold brew better later in the day.
      Cheers ma dear 😉


  8. Yum. I’m not a huge fan of nut milks in coffee (I’ve always been a dairy fiend) but this post is definitely enough to almost convince me. I do like almond milk though. It’s delicious with breakfast oats or to soak chia seeds for porridge. Gorgeous concept and execution. Loving your writing, too x


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  11. I’ve tried making almond milk before with varying success. I settled into making soy milk instead because I can count on it being consistent (plus I can make tofu as well). Your post makes me want to give it another go. Cheers!


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