Golden turmeric ginger milk

I had a friend recently ask me about turmeric milk. Not being in my repertoire, I thought it sounded interesting and only imagined how it would stain my nut bag. Well, for starters I learned you don’t strain it. Although my champion juicer has a permanent yellow hue. This one is for you Becky!

Golden turmeric ginger

A lot of recipes call for powdered turmeric and/or ginger or often will have you grate it/chop it and simmer it and then strain it. But I have been juicing fresh turmeric over the past year and decided to juice it and fresh ginger. These amounts are what I used and honestly I think it’s to your personal taste. I like it heavier on the turmeric.

Golden turmeric ginger

 And because this is sort of a wee post, I decided to put some time and fun into fonts and such. I’ve dabbled in the past but haven’t used them it a while.

I juiced the roots and put about 1/2 cup water slowly through the juicer and made enough for about four 8oz cups. It didn’t feel like a horrible thing to do to my champion and god knows I wanted to get every last drop out of there.  It’s not the easy route but damn it’s good. And this stuff is concentrated.

Golden turmeric ginger milk

I used my house made vanilla almond milk for the base. But you can use your preferred milk as a base. I even topped it with a little raw cream. I’m a born-again raw milk lover. Note on my almond milk- I’ve been switching out a few dates for the coconut sugar

Vanilla almond milk homemadeThe reason we are adding a teaspoon of coconut oil is the fat will help with the absorption of the curcumin in the turmeric. My go to coconut oil is Nutiva organic virgin coconut oil.


This is the substance giving us the anti-inflammatory properties. From the ginger, more anti-inflammatory benefits as well as gastro-intestinal benefits. Please see here for details on ginger and here for details on turmeric.

And last but not least the honey. I’m on for raw- no surprise there. And I wasn’t shy with it. I made two cups at a time for Ollie and I and used a ginormous tablespoon. Start with 1-2 tsp and take it to your liking.

I think we all know ginger is good for us but I’ll also add this handy chart from Organicfacts.netgingerAnd you probably want a visual for turmeric if you don’t feel like clicking to read details. I like charts myself. This one from


 And very very last thing- if you have one of those little frothers- use it. Just gives it that light airy texture:)

Golden turmeric ginger

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  1. Funny how once you read about something it suddenly pops up elsewhere 🙂 I only just read about turmeric milk last week, thought it sounded nice but didn’t look up the recipe. I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever seen turmeric roots in a supermarket or at the market. I have to make a point to go looking for it as this sounds right up my alley!


    • So true. Kale salad anyone? So you need to look for Kurkuma Wurzel? I think that’s it.
      It’s a great drink- I don’t make it everyday but it’s nice on the weekends or now and again in the evening. x


  2. Now that is different! I’m a huge ginger fan, love the almond milk, coconut and honey. Just have to get my head around the idea of tumeric. I’m all for the obvious health benefits.
    Thanks Wendy! 🙂


  3. This sounds really interesting and sounds so incredibly healthy. One day when I have a juicer…Do you think using a blender would work?


    • Hi Pamela- It is kind of exotic – the honey sure sweetens it up nicely and it’s quite soothing. I’d say like a hot chocolate but that’s a lie- really apples and oranges there. Both hot drinks fit a chilly afternoon with a book though!


  4. This is a really timely post, I actually bought a piece of turmeric the other day to make a drink (hearing about the positive properties) but hadn’t found a good recipe yet! Love the idea of the ginger kick in this. I will definitely try it! Thanks Wendy x


    • Turmeric is hot right now. All sorts of new elixirs hitting the shelves. It’s got a bite but the taste has grown on me when it’s not too overbearing. It’s great to juice with carrots and oranges as well.


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