kimchi bacon fried rice and eggs

So this is far from Irish… but I’m not so on top of the calendar:)
Kimchi bacon fried rice and eggs-8Spring is so near I can practically touch it. The sun and cold do their dance like a strip tease that excites and taunts. You don’t know what’s coming next. I picked delicate new spinach and arugula leaves from plants in the greenhouse creating a bed for my baked salmon lunch today. This first minimal picking sparked a little excitement for the coming growing season. What I realize too, is I don’t mind the winter break and it almost takes a strong nudge to get me in the growing mood. Fresh garden food does not arrive without somebody’s hard work. My first little seeds, planted last weekend will become the seedlings for the first of spring planting. Brassica’s, lettuces, peas… the tomatoes and peppers will grow longer in the glass house.

What we relied on this winter besides store bought veggies was our fermented foods.


The red sauerkraut was made first with our own Red Mammoth cabbages last fall but I continued to make it with organic cabbage from the market. I played with many napas, bok choy, radishes and conical cabbages for the kimchi and can’t wait to try my new Korean coarse chili powder. I’ll try some napa in the garden this year but it’s a little more finicky than the standard head of cabbage.

This recipe was inspired by my weekend brunch in New York City at The Dutch.

Start with the bacon – about 3-4 slices of Hempler’s thick cut uncured bacon is a nice way to go. Cut into small pieces and fry up.

Kimchi bacon fried rice and eggsThen add about 2 cups of rice- either freshly made or even better, leftovers.

I had a little pineapple hanging around from juicing and thought why not? I diced this and added it to the bacon and rice.Kimchi bacon fried rice and eggs-6Throw in about a cup of kimchi – homemade or one of the lovely store bought varieties like one from Seattle’s Firefly Kitchens. Mine below got a little pink from adding red radishes. Kind of fun huh?

Kimchi bacon fried rice and eggs-3Give it all a good toss and that part is done.I scooted the kimchi rice to the side of the frying pan and heated a little red cabbage for some color.

Kimchi bacon fried rice and eggs-5I fried up some of our farm eggs…

Kimchi bacon fried rice and eggs-7And what I’m also loving? Fried avocado. Not new to some but new to me. I had this recently at Irving Street Kitchen in Portland with scrambled egg nachos. A little crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, with the heat bringing out the sweetness of the avocado. I garnished our kimchi fried rice and egg with fried avocado and a little fresh cilantro.

Kimchi bacon fried rice and eggs-11This was a Sunday meal for me and my sweetie.

Kimchi bacon fried rice @wendyellenthomas.comAnd in the real world it looked like this

Kimchi bacon fried rice and eggs-12Just to pull it all together:

  • 2 cups brown rice
  • 3-4 strips of bacon cut into pieces
  • half a slice of pineapple cubed
  • 1 cup kimchi
  • fried egg
  • optional garnish of warmed red cabbage, fried avocado,fresh cilantro, pepper flakes

36 responses

  1. I’ve got to say- Kimchi fried rice is an all-korean favorite. I will confirm this cuz I am one too 🙂 I never thought of putting bacon in it but definitely will try it~! it sounds sooo good~
    -Raining Chocolate


    • It had a lot going on – the pineapple bits gave it a whole other side with a little tangy sweet siding up with the salty bacon and spicy kimchi. I might have to make it again tomorrow- I think there’s even a little rice in the fridge:)


  2. Oh my goodness, the whole recipe sounds amazing but I have to admit I got kind of fixated on the idea of frying avocado! I’ve only had it raw, but I definitely want to try that. Any additional tips on prep or uses? Thanks for sharing!


  3. Once again and land here and it smells so good … and look even better – never eaten pan fried avocado, but it talks to me. Never heard about kimchi neither – have to check into that .. and maybe write on my shopping list. Your red sauerkraut that really screams to me. I can eat bacon and egg .. any time of the day .. and every day of the week. *smile
    Thanks for this tasty post.


      • This reads like a good BLT to me. And the s
        mell of bacon.
        We don’t have an Asian shop in Landskrona, but when I come to Gothenburg I will have a look for it.
        Really like the idea of the panfried avocado.


    • Hi Julie,
      I’m a passionate gardner as well- thanks for swinging by.
      We are on a serious fermenting kick and eating kimchi and sauerkraut daily.
      I love kimchi on my scrambled eggs and greens. I don’t always do the whole deal with bacon, pineapple and fried avocado.
      I make it about every 3-4 weeks. cheers! wendy


  4. That looks fantastic Wendy, definitely my favourite kind of meal! Fresh eggs, sunny side up, a dash of chilli and that gorgeous fried rice… yum. I’m loving the new(ish) look of Chez Chloe, the simplistic look is perfect for accentuating your fabulous photos. I was having a problem accessing your site for a while so I am behind the eight ball with your posts, apologies for my absence. Anyway, back to this recipe. I am definitely going to try it over the weekend. Wonderful, simple, nourishing food! xx


  5. This looks insanely good!!! I love kimchi, and i’ve recently had a craving for fried rice. If I had some leftover rice in my fridge I would so be making this tonight! Also, I’ve never heard of fried avocado, but omg, what a great idea 🙂


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