new faces on the farm

We’ve been so enjoying the summer. I’m especially loving the feeling of warmth into evening. That’s maybe the only thing I miss about my home state of Florida, the sleeveless shirts worn into the evening. Although, rare is the day I wear a sleeveless shirt and I can definitely live without the sweltering heat of a day in central Florida. We did have a fantastic visit last month to my sister’s in South Florida- nice family and beach time. I also tripped down memory lane and toured Chloe around my high school. The instant we discovered my graduation stone, we looked at it, then at each other and tears welled up. A sort of cosmic connection that ventured outside of real time. She felt, for that moment, standing in front of my high school, connected to who I was at 18. A glimpse of recognition that I too have been there. It was bittersweet. My best friends Melissa and Kelly- and who we liked/”loved” at that time. Little did I know at the time that my good fortune would bring me an amazing son only a couple years later. Thanks “J”.

WPHS stoneAnd now our new farm friends:)

We have real live livestock. We put up a big fence. Built a goat shed and got ourselves three goats and two sheep. We love them! They are so sweet, funny and curious. We are all getting into a new routine and getting to know each other. The plan is to breed both goats and sheep in the fall and start milking in the spring. And here they are…

Meet blue eyed Dinah. She is a cross of La Mancha and Nigerian Dwarf. A total sweetie who craves attention. April 8th of this year, my birthday, I happened to be in the store filling in for someone. My mood lifted when I met Sherwin from Mountain Lodge Farm. Within minutes I learned she was a goat lady. I quickly stalked her farm and found there was an upcoming open house in May. Ollie was happy to go. I left out the part of the story of her four starter goats turning into over a hundred, supplying the milk for a full on dairy operation.  Point here is, Dinah is one of her babies. It was fate.

farm faces farm faces-10 farm faces-9And Shirley. She is a yearling and full Nubian. She came to us as Bon Bon and we named her Etta (as in James) then changed it to shrieking Shirley cause she was so chatty and loud. Now she’s calmed down immensely and goes only by Shirley.

farm faces-12

farm faces-7 farm faces-6Then we have Nina, also a full Nubian from Myers Creamery here on the island. They make wonderful cheese. Nina feels a little intimidated by Shirley who’s a bit of a bossy cow but hopefully as Nina gets bigger she’ll be able to hold her own. Look at those ears! She’s channeling Sally Fields.

farm faces-8

farm faces-15 farm faces-11The dairy sheep, from Glendale Shepherd on Whidbey Island, are an East Friesian Lacaune cross. Having been bottle fed they are rather tame, are gaining more and more trust and are quite endearing. They are letting us rub their chins. Meet Helen and Irene named for a couple of my aunties. Better pics to come of those two.

farm faces-3photo

Time for a little walk and brush clearingfarm faces-13


Otis is SO EXCITED. We are hoping he’ll settle off a little more with time- He just wants to dart around and play.

goat shedBut sometimes he can contain himself. Here they all are in one shot-

farm faces-4He does love to kiss Irene through the fence.

farm faces-16And after a long day in the garden, Otis likes to kick back in bed the following morning

farm faces-2

Hope your summer brings laughter, joy, gardens and farmer’s markets!

Coming soon… nut and seed bars

nut and seed bars


40 responses

  1. The dog’s leg over the cat cracked me up. What a wonderful group of animals you have and your writing sounds like you’re very happy.

    I left Central Florida for Australia and for a long time I didn’t miss the heat. Now I live in northern Australia and the climate is the same. The more things change, the more they stay the same. 🙂 Finding your 18 year old self was very cool.


    • We are having a lot of fun around here this summer!

      Wow- another central Floridian! Whereabouts? I was born and raised in Winter Park. I love it now here in the PNW- especially in the San Juan Islands where really the hottest it gets is 75/80 (with relatively little humidity) and generally it’s more like 72- and everybody is at the lake to ‘conquer’ the heat:-)


    • Speaking of central Florida- I so wanted to ring you up but we literally were there for a day visiting family. One day we’ll meet up in real time:)
      Right now they are a pretty light commitment- but we are out there morning and evening to feed a little and mostly love a lot. They are very social. The bomber fence and gates though are solid- and nobody is getting out. Makes it way more fun so far.
      If you want them- some time will be the right time. I’m sure of it. They are pretty great. cheers… x


    • Right! I had to figure some way to get that in the “farm animal” post because it was just too cute. I don’t think he will turn into our Livestock Guardian Dog anytime soon… unless I put a mattress in the field for him:-)


  2. Makes me yearn for my farm daze growing up…I didn’t appreciate it all then, now I’d love to go back! Of course, I am human, always wanting what I cannot have…


  3. OMG Wendy these pictures are so adorable. Can’t wait to meet Dinah, Shirley, Irene, Nina and the two sheep about 3 weeks from now! Of course my favorite picture of all is you sitting with Dinah. Absolutely charming. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you look that happy peaceful and content. Not to mention beautiful. Sure does warm this mother’s heart! Love you and can’t wait to meet the new family members. Love Mom

    PS Otis kissing Irene through the fence is a pretty special picture too.. as well as Otis fast asleep on your bed with his leg wrapped around the cat! Both of THEM look pretty content too.


    • Yes- I keep telling you… come to Orcas. You’d love it. It’s nice and cool here- like 75- hot for us actually but little humidity on the island. Hope you are having a great summer! xx


    • That’s the plan alright! We just have to work out the breeding and birthing bits:) I’m glad though we are having some time to get to know each other without the added task of milking.


    • I know. They are so funny. Sometimes Otis chases Luna (black kitty) like he hasn’t seen her everyday for the past 9 months and other times are like this where they act like an old married couple. sweet.


  4. Oh Wendy, what an awesome post! I do not remember the graduation stone, tell me where to look for my next venture back to WP ?? I will have to take my daughter and perhaps share similiar tears. . . I do hope to meet up again one day. Love your posts! Melissa


    • I’ve wanted to touch base and say HI!! We were in WP for about a day and a half that was spent with my Dad and his 85 year friend (for 70 years…) and my sister.
      The stone was to the left of the main courtyard/entrance- the cafeteria side. WPHS seems ginormous now I must say. It was a trip. much love to you and yours…xxoo


  5. Wendy, you and Mr O has an Eden paradise – all the wonderful creatures on 4 and 2 legs. How exciting. The goats are a fantastic add on. Just wonderful and your images are so fantastic …. They really show how all your creatures are happy together. Otis is big now … 2 years???
    I’m playing of going back to Seattle and Victoria again …. then and if I just have to make it to the island.


  6. Wendy I absolutely adore those precious goats and sheep! How fun! I wish I could have a few here, I’m still looking for a little farm. One day. Until then I’ll just have to come visit. 🙂 What a fun event for Chloe to visit your high school and hometown. I think this makes us seem a bit more “real” to our kids. We were actually teenagers once. Lol! Have a wonderful rest of the summer! xo Karista


  7. Your animal family could not be more adorable! How wonderful, and if there is ever any trouble, the “Flying Goat” can get carried away by the wind to get the solution! “lol” Great post!


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