new york city the first day

new york city the first day

I arrived into JFK in pretty good shape. I stay hydrated with water and emergen-C’s and put lotion on my hands and face about every hour to combat the plane air sucking the life and elasticity out of my skin. Our section was so open it really lent itself to a relaxed flight. People= energy.  Few people=calm. I’m sure the flight crew enjoyed the break too. My only complaint was I didn’t start Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy early enough to be finished before the “entertainment portion of our flight” switched off. Damn you flight attendant lady. This is a very confusing movie. Not one to be watched on a 5×5 screen with poor sound quality. And missing the last fifteen? minutes didn’t help. It’s on the rental que!

A long rainy traffic filled hour later I arrived at my big kid’s apt. We ordered in and relaxed. Talked about life and the next few days. I enjoyed the fact that these days ahead were going to unfold. No big agenda’s or script to follow.

I woke up my first full day here imagining what it would be like to wake up in this city everyday. Such an array of so many really different people with such vast cultural and economic diversity.  So many thoughts traveling through so many minds every morning before millions of feet hit the floor.

My thoughts started about 4.30am. I actually try to stay on an early track for these short trips to ease the transition back. I walked out the door about 10am and started at the bottom of Broadway (downtown) and made my way to Madison Square Garden. The day went a little something like this…

We all know how many hundreds/thousands of food stands are  on the streets here. I love them all.

But this cupcake one deserved a snap shot

These got me thinking, “I would like to have something sweet now”… O’s line following a meal. So I just happened to pass this great specialty food store you might have heard of and got myself a chocolate chip crumb cake with a fantastic proportion of crumb to cake. Like a lot of crumb. Good crumb I might add.

I weaved in and out of many clothing shops. I’m now looking for the perfect travel outfit with no metal and no belt needed. And no more cool boots at the airport… they are such a pain.  Here is one of my new favorite home shops.

We did have one scheduled engagement. I met my son at work and we went to meet an old friend from like twenty years ago. She’s a dear person I was close to for a time in my early twenty’s, and who had an impact on me at a crossroads in my life. I swelled with emotion seeing her. I think we forget how we carry so much so deep until moments like that come and the emotion surges forth like a volcano. There is no controlling it. She treated us to a beautiful lunch at The Gramercy Tavern. A Danny Meyer restaurant. I find this man very interesting. If you are into the Food Industry check out his bio. I also enjoyed reading his book, Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business, when I had my cafe.

The conversation picked up as if I had seen Annie last week. She and my son have also become friends and I love that. I was a little shy taking photos… believe it or not. But got a couple in.

Cranberry spritzer… was afraid wine might put me to sleep.

Carpaccio – with sunchoke chips and chervil.  Was keeping it light and saving for dessert…

which was incredible… two orders of carrot cake, a brownie sundae with salted cashew icecream and a cookie plate for the table. I would love to be on the pastry crew here. One of Danny Meyer’s top priorities besides hiqh quality food, is service. All over the top but friendly. Part of this being the rule that plates are removed at the same time. I guess I looked finished but I almost crushed the small bones of my waiter’s wrist when he tried to remove my brownie sundae that still had a few bits. My table mates had finished their dessert but I was just taking a pause. We shared apologetic mutual expressions.

After a beautiful lunch, my son headed back to work and I spent the rest of the afternoon taking in the sights and sounds with a pedicure for a break. Hard life. I’m grateful for each moment. A quiet evening at home ended the day. For the second day heading to Brooklyn to visit my niece and walk around Pratt Institute, the alma mater of my grandparents. They attended Pratt and fell in love in 1924.

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    • NYC is a lot of fun. Bring your camera. I keep waiting to take out my good camera but it’s been rainy and a little heavy to carry around when I’m out for the entire day. You need really a good photo taking day. Not sure if that will happen this trip. Happy you enjoyed the post.


  1. Nice day, nice pictures and I’m sure your visit to Pratt Institute evoked some prescient thoughts about your own presence here on the planet. My Dad used to stand under the Myrtle Street El, playing his bugle for class changes. My Dad, uor Grandfather, from a Mid West Orphanage and my Mother, your Grandmothe, on a scholarship from Florida, met, fell in love, married and connected the chain that put you on the Pratt campus today. Destiny took Dad early, and sent Mom back to Florida, so you could be there today.

    Maybe you also glanced across the street at the Willoughby Walk Apartments that put another link in your life chain some 40 years later. That’s where your Dad lived those important days in the 50’s-60’s that lead him back to Orlando to meet your Mother. That was an amazing cycle and there you were today, 50 years later with the reflections of those memories flickering in the ethers. Nice!


  2. Thanks for sharing …. it’s like walking beside you – The Gramercy Tavern, I have written down, because I’m going to NYC over my 65th birthday – still 18 months left, sure the restaurant will be there. Keep on sharing. Have a fantastic weekend.
    There is something very special about NYC.


      • Yes, I will take you up .. on what you’re doing – a travel diary – going to US & Canada for 27 days in July; Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria,BC – love your way to let us walk with you.


  3. Great reading your missives, enjoying them. Darn is another few months (end of May) I’ll be an hour for NYC would have been great to catch up. Give Willie a hug for me and I’ll get in touch with him this summer. XX’s


  4. Loved your NYC blogs Honey. As dad said, so much family history began at Pratt Institute.. and there you were.

    Loved the Grammercy Park Tavern food descriptions too.. and sure can identify with putting pressure on a waiter’s wrists for attempted food removal! Am I remembering correctly that Danny Meyer has several restaurants in downtown Seattle?? Maybe not.

    How lovely that you and Willie had no agenda.. and that you had time to just roam around. Such an amazing city.

    Can’t wait for your visit to Atlanta.. will be fun seeing what you write while you are here. Dogwoods will be in bloom… Piedmont Park will be quite beautiful. And my very own peach tree is beginning to blossom on my balcony, preparing for your time here. Love you. Mom


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