Happy New Year

Finally. Your new year probably started a couple weeks ago. But our first week felt like a hiatus between the lines of time. Now we are looking ahead at travel plans to NYC for the Gift fair. Excited to get back on track with yoga and exercise… you know that momentum of righteous resolution. After days of barely having any appetite my buds re-calibrated post holiday to not needing so much sweet and I already dropped my holiday mid waist luggage.

We nursed a gnarly flu with the following arsenal… This is how we do it.

herb pharm herb blend Herb pharm echinacea goldenseal blend. I’ll take this 2-3x day

Island Thyme respitory balmLocal Island Thymes‘ respiratory balm. Made by friends of mineflu remedies Digital thermometer- I’m obsessed with taking my temp. And a myriad of items for symptoms.Hoffman honey Loads of this honey in fresh ginger and lemon tea. Strong and spicy and soothing.Emergen-C Sucking the Emergen-C’s down every few hours. I’m not too concerned with the extra marketing of ‘joint health’ but we like the citrus flavor:)Manuka honey The honey loquat syrup is great for chest and coughs. The Manuka honey from New Zealand, supposedly high in healthy anti-bacterial microbes.fresh lemon and gingerThe fresh ginger I peel and slice thin and boil/simmer in water. I’ll add juice of 1/2 to 1 whole lemon and a couple tablespoons of raw honey. I drink it hot. I love that stuff.

quick chicken soupWhen I’m really down and out I eat homemade applesauce. My first meal this week was some chicken stock from the freezer thawed with the addition of a little chicken breast, carrots, shitake mushrooms, carrots and spinach. Maybe a little left over rice in there too.

Then I moved onto a healing beef bone broth with spinach, mushrooms, kimchi and a poached egg and avocado. This was a lovely meal I won’t wait till I’m sick to make again. I made the bone broth overnight in the crockpot with short ribs and soup bones and the general aromatics- onion, carrot, celery, parsley, bulb of garlic, peppercorns. I’ll cook it 12 hours overnight and strain. I then just shred a little of the short rib meat to add in to the broth. Healing and tasty.

Hope your 2015 is off to a good start!

bone broth, kimchi, poached eggLast but not least one little farm shot. Not our farm but some baby calf buddies nearby. They are still skiddish but so sweet!

baby calf buddies

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  1. Dear Wendy, happy new year. Thanks for loveley pictures and good information. Years ago I always had problems with a cold in autum/winter. I started to eat every morning an orange with natural yoghurt. Since that time I rarely getting a cold.


  2. Hey Wendy, gorgeous post. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. Wow, what an array of good herbal treatments. Manuka honey is great stuff, especially good for topical application. Loved seeing also the ‘raw’ honey .. most people don’t realise that heating honey can often destroy it’s good properties. 🙂


  3. I’m glad to see all that stuff made a difference and you’re back amongst the living again. I love those little calves. 🙂


  4. “lol” broke a chuckle when I saw your “Cacophony of Cures” So glad you are back from the land of the ill! Happy New Year, Wendy!
    Thanks for the pic of the calves! They look adorable. 🙂


  5. Welcome back to the land of the living! Wow, the flu bugs have been very wicked this year. Heck you could open up your own herbal remedy store and even sell bowls of nourishing soup and people would flock by the dozens, this year has a been a rough year to start. Your little calves are adorable.


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