Shakshuka- baked eggs, tomato and goodness

This dish has been floating in my thoughts since Feb 2014 when Chloe and I visited Irving Street Kitchen in Portland and I ate their, quote “Moroccan Slow Poached Eggs and Grilled Garlic Rubbed Toast”.It was spicy, simple yet had depth and very good.


The house smoked Tasso side of bacon also rang my bell. I basically searched online tomatoes and baked eggs and Shakshuka popped up. But really it’s not a name that’s going to stick in my overcrowded mind. I also reached for the wonderful Jerusalem Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. They have a fantastic website as well.

I drew, as always, from a combination of recipes- Jerusalem, David Liebowitz’s Shakshuka and a simple version in the NYTimes.

Here’s my version – Print Recipe {shakshuka recipe}


I liked using a couple whole spices along with the powdered- here were the fun ones. Note how similar the seeds are with the caraway being just a tad darker than the cumin.

Shakshuka spices

You could substitute ground spice for either of these but using the seeds gave me a chance to use this- after a good dusting off.


My version used 2 red peppers, 1 green pepper, 1 onion and 3 cloves of garlic sauteed in about 3T olive oil (see blurry photo) then I added spices and cooked another few minutes to release their fragrances. Then where I strayed from the majority is I added 3 cans of diced tomatoes vs 2. I personally wanted it a little juicier and to be totally honest that stemmed from overdoing the cayenne.


Fast forward: added spices, 3 cans of tomatoes, cider vinegar and honey… then you can add about 4oz of feta here before topping with eggs OR throw it on after the eggs.


I’ve been making a cheese with no name- I call it a farmstead cheese and I can grate it. It’s very feta like in taste. 100% raw Jersey cow milk with a mesophilic culture (but we’ll save that for another time)

Shakshuka was a delicious brunch and with virtually making it the night before it was a cinch to pull together. I added sides of Hempler’s applewood smoked bacon and breakfast potatoes. And crusty sourdough of course.

Shakshuka eggs cooked about 90 seconds longer than needed here I think. But I made another round the following day as well adding raw chopped spinach to the bowl and topping with the tomato and eggs

Shakshuka I watched these eggs like a hawk… and didn’t have any sides to distract me! Shakshuka was very pleased with this dish and it will stay in the forefront for summer when peppers aren’t so expensive! You can tell me I should have posted in summer but well I couldn’t wait any longer.

And don’t forget your crunchy bread. Here’s my rustic sourdough.


And some life photos…Here’s a killer rainbow that graced us last week

rainbow rainbow 2

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  1. Oooh I love shakshuka but haven’t made it in a while – thanks for the reminder! I got a similar mortar to yours for Christmas and haven’t used it yet, so another incentive to make this again!


  2. What a delicious sounding brunch. Thanks for sharing the photos of that beautiful rainbow and the green grass…very different than the many feet of snow I’m looking at. 🙂


    • Oh Karen, I’m sure sunny FL is not looking to shabby at the moment. It’s like 70 degrees in Miami and it’s only 8.30am. You will be only a tad north! And you will grow delicious tomatoes till December! cheers… wendy


    • I love it and that you can prepare it ahead. I read on David Liebowitz blog that people will have it in the freezer like spaghetti sauce ready to go – breakfast , lunch or dinner. We’ll catch up soon Teri! xox


      • Hi Wendy! Bring some sunshine & warmth when you come:) I’d recommend the Dead Rabbit for Cocktails…it’s one of the most special places around. Then for 3 restaurants I love right now: Root & Bone, Upland and The Black Ant! Also…if you liked sweets and donuts then I’d really recommend you stop by Dough Doughnuts. Their flagship is in Brooklyn but they JUST opened up a spot in Manhattan and they’re so good! Let me know if you have any questions when you’re here and keep me posted on your food adventures. HAVE FUN!!!!


  3. Being a veggie, I don’t eat eggs. However, I make them for my hubby all the time. We get free-run hen eggs up the street. He & his brunch friends will love this! What a great idea, and your cheese looks neat. You are the only person I know who can make their own cheese. That is amazing!


    • How great to have eggs that close. This meal is great as you can make ahead and still hang with your company (assuming you want to:) I love the whole cheese thing and I’m excited to break into a new food adventure. I have a feeling there will be good accidents and possibly some very bad ones. But I’m ready to learn. xx


  4. Amazed by the fact you are making your own cheese. I guess it´s nice if you have access to 100% raw milk. Is there another way to do it? With regular milk? I live in Guadalajara, México. Thanks and Congrats!


  5. I really love shakshuka and yours looks very similar to what mine ends up looking like. A hunk of crusty bread and this dish and I’m a happy camper.

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