Roasted Hakkaido (pumpkin) and feta salad w/ Maple vinaigrette

pumpkin and feta salad

It’s a rainy Monday that is doing a rather fine job pretending to be Sunday. There is no school today, no need to go to town, therefore no need to dress. I’ve enjoyed reading what feels like 101 blogs. I’m eating a satisfying ham sandwich slathered with mayo and mustard on white bread. It’s like giving into a craving…on all accounts. Really it’s the first day since getting back a week ago to Orcas Island, that I’ve not had a full day agenda. We all need these days. It almost feels like the spanse of time between Christmas and New Year’s. Which outside of the years being responsible for  a cafe and/or retail store is like living a few days in a warm cozy cocoon, visiting with friends and family, enjoying hot drinks, reading books and being together. Now that I think of it, this is what I look forward to most at Christmas.

Today, I will have to make some attempt at stacking wood, trying not to get bit by a spider or stung by a bee in search of shelter (they’ve also been resurrecting in the warmth of our cabin when I bring wood in). I will clean a little, like as little as possible. I’m only going to require a couple short stints of this. It’s be nice to me day. And a make chocolate chip cookies day.

I’ve also been waiting for a day to have all my equipment online at the same time, and share this roasted pumpkin and feta cheese salad I made in Hamburg. I finally have my mac book back and well sometimes it takes not having to appreciate what I take for granted on a daily basis. A computer where I’m not writing bills while the pages load.

First off, here’s a little fall to savor… Saturday was a cold sunny day. Till about 3pm.

Pumpkins Padilla Bay

A drive through Padilla Bay on Saturday, taking the scenic route to Seattle for my daughter’s  soccer game.

pumpkins Padilla Bay

This pumpkin and feta salad is a basic recipe that doesn’t really require a recipe. But was something a little new for me. I got the idea from the German Essen ‘n Trinken magazine. In Hamburg my greens were a soft corn salad or mache.

Back on Orcas….

fall vista

I’ll use some greens I have in the greenhouse. We are also prepping for a big garden next year.

salad greens in the greenhouse

These were only planted about 8 weeks ago and will give us some nice greens for a month. Ideally we eat off of them (I just cut at the base), then they stop growing for a couple months and then pick up again early spring and we’ve got some nice greens in March. Or it’s too cold and damp and they wither. But for now they are awesome.

salad greens greenhouse

The lettuce and chard were planted 8 weeks ago as little starts. So they got some size going on.

I haven’t forgotten about the pumpkin salad. Just got a little side tracked. And it’s so simple there isn’t much to say. I roasted a little hokkaido squash (I’m buying seeds next year). A little sugar pumpkin is also perfect. Split in half, scoop out the seeds, drizzle with a little olive oil, maple syrup and a dash of salt and pepper. Bake at 375° for about 45-60 min till soft. Carefully peel off skin and cut pumpkin into bite size pieces. Check out the pumpkin bread pudding for shots of haikkado

I made a maple vinaigrette with the ratio of 1T olive oil, 1T white balsamic vinegar, 1 T maple syrup. I did this about x3. I tossed the pumpkin in a little and let it sit. I dressed and tossed the greens, topped them with the roasted pumpkin, crumbled feta and roasted pumpkin seeds. You might try a dash of cinnamon on the roasting pumpkin. I think that would be a nice addition.

So you see, this is an inspiration not a recipe per se. Here are the ingredients:

Feta Cheese
Pumpkin Seeds (roasted)
Olive Oil
White Balsamic Vinegar
Maple Syrup
Salt & Pepper

Pumpkin and feta salad with maple vinaigrette

We had the pumpkin and feta salad for a starter, followed by my interpretation of Karista’s delicious Mulligatawny soup and ended with the pumpkin bread pudding and spicy caramel sauce. I’ve a new appreciation of wheat berries. It was a perfect fall meal shared with friends.

mulligatawney soupAnd last but far from least. I get to start adding this at the end of my post.

Check out what was happening a year ago: Going For It

Because I’ve been blogging a year now. Crazy. It’s a very transparent way to track your life for yourself and the world. I’ve gotten way more into the photography than I had imagined but have promised myself not to edit the early ones because it’s a good reference to the process of learning.

So on that note… thanks to all those out there who have supported, motivated and cared. Here’s to year TWO.

Tschüß and BIG hugs,

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  1. Absolutely love this salad Wendy. I adore that it’s a salad with roasted pumpkin instead of a hot dish. The maple vinaigrette takes this over the top. Delicious! Thanks so much sharing my link to Mulligatawny. Beautiful post 🙂


  2. Nice …. I’m loving the pictures … everything is so vivid with color and the ebullient warmth of your joy in taking and presenting them. I’m ready for a taste of that goodie … any left overs for Dad.?


    • Well this would be a good one and could be bigger for sure. Baked tempeh could be a nice addition too. That was a beautiful pumpkin patch located behind a farm shop in Padilla Bay… just outside of Anacortes… on the way to Bellingham… ok a little nook in northern WA state!


  3. Ah, the simple things in life :-). Love this salad and will definitely make this with a variation on the greens. Also love your description of what “inbetween Christmas and New Year’s” is like – I’m looking forward to that, too.


  4. This sounds like a lovely salad. I had roasted pumpkin in a salad in Munich and it goes so well with greens…your vinaigrette must have really added to the overall flavor of the dish. Congratulations on posting for a year…I’m looking forward to the next.


    • Ok. I had to google bocconcini. You and your mozzarella! I think it would be good but the feta is a little salty which adds a little somethin somethin. I’d slice the balls thin and salt them a little or marinate them in the dressing. Cheese balls that is 😉


  5. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do I love the greenhouse shots, oh and the greenhouse and its contents? Yeah, about 500 🙂 The plants look so healthy, and unlike my chard un-nibbled by sparrows !
    Feta and quash are a great combination aren’t they, a simple but tasty salad idea. Looks like you will have a marvellous garden next year, what with your new squash to grow 😉 Happy days !


    • Oh me too… I’ve yearned to be back in that greenhouse. Sometimes I like to take a break on growing but think I have to get back to it at some point.
      The garden plot is serene right now. I’m enjoying it’s perfection.


  6. Welcome back to Orcas…looks/sounds like you are settling in just fine. Your greens look great. I can’t believe they will only feed you for a month…it looks like a lush, jungle in there able to feed armies. The salad looks delicious too!


  7. Wendy you are a magician – and your greenhouse really lives up to color green.
    Mulligatawny Soup – I had a couple of times in Scotland, that is hearty and comfort food if anything. Your salad I will give a try if I can find a small pumpkin – or maybe I should use sweet potatoes. Just love that photo of salad – stunning colors. I have to add something to do it to a main course.
    Is there any people around on Orcas now … or only pumpkins *smile
    I love to read about your days and your thoughts … there in your Eden.


    • Thanks Viv! Karista introduced me to this soup and it is a new favorite. Hearty and warm is right.
      I think roasted sweet potatoes sound very good for the salad… roasted in a little olive oil, maple syrup and cinnamon.
      Orcas is quiet but gearing up for the holidays. January and Feb is when the knitting needles come out!!


      • Thanks Wendy, I think it will be a great salad with sweet potatoes. Love the olive oil, cinnamon and maple syrup idea.

        Knitting – that is a thing from the past in my life – was never any good at. You are multi talent woman – isn’t there anything you can do ??? *smile


  8. This is a perfect lovely salad for Thanksgiving which I assume you will be celebrating stateside now that you are back. That greenhouse is to die for. Want! Will have to talk Dr. B into building me one in Pennsylvania.


    • Thank you Shelly… Hard to believe. It’s been a really good outlet for me and way more social than I ever imagined. You just don’t really get the blogging scene until you are in it. At least I didn’t. It’s been great.


  9. Wendy! Look at those greens! That gorgeous earthy salad! That beautiful Orcas Island! (That gorgeous earthy salad again!) Congratulations on Second Year’s beginning! (Smart of you not to go back and edit…keep moving forward! And Joy on the journey!)


    • Why thank you Spree. I do love that greenhouse.
      It is very hard not to edit the old photos. Though I still have a lot to learn (FG keeps telling my my photos are under exposed and i’m like dude that’s just my creative style), I’m very happy with my progress so far. cheers…x wt


  10. Wendy, I was going to write about how utterly soothing your lovely blog posts always are; I feel like I am there on Orcas Island with you. Your writing, your photos exude calm and peacefulness and joy. And there is something so quiet and earthy that just pulls me in and takes me there. And then I saw the photos of your stunning greenhouse! Wow!! Amazing! Wonders! And how I want to live there too! And great salad….


  11. The salad sounds delicious! Thanks for this wonderful recipe, i’m a big fan of pumkins and I always look for new ways to eat it! But recently I’m a big fan of chestnut soup!
    And your photos are wonderful!!

    xxx Anita


  12. I NEED a full day in my pyjamas. Mostly so I can catch up with all of my invisible friends, look at their pretty pictures, and read their lovely words. Happy anniversary – can’t wait to read about all of the adventures to come…


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