Pancakes aka Crepes-10

Did you remember today is Pancake Day? Or Shrove Tuesday- the day after Rosen Montag and the day before  lent (for you Catholics out there- I’m a non-practicing one myself). I did not remember until I got to my email this morning and saw THIS great post from Things We Make. Of course she posted it yesterday which would give you a little more time to prepare. But what we really need for pancakes or crepes is usually sitting under our noses. So for those of you who just needed a little reminder… maybe it’s not too late. This was my first event this morning since Chloe made it to the bus on time. THANK YOU teen guardian angles.

There are oodles of recipes, crepes and pancakes, out there but here’s one of mine with a little cinnamon, ginger and apple going on. I knocked out this crepe recipe pretty quick.  I made it gluten free just because… You can use all purpose flour which is what I usually do. You might also like this savory version of buckwheat crepes.

{Print Crepe and Flambéed apples Now}

One little tip is using a tami when you sift your dry ingredients. I love these especially when I use almond powder, say for macarons. You can push through into a bowl or onto a piece of parchment paper.

Pancakes aka Crepes

Batter made and rested,- I got to making just a few crepes this morning and we will eat the rest for dinner tonight. Heat up your pan and coat with butter, pour some batter in there, swirl and pour the excess off back into pitcher (which is what I pour from).

Pancakes aka Crepes-3

Cook till the edges brown. Now lift a little then using a plastic spatula gently flip and cook a minute on the other side. Then flip onto a plate and continue. This goes pretty quick. And know the first one often sucks. You just got to find your groove with it.

Pancakes aka Crepes-7This all was smooth and easy. What I spent the most time on was playing with this set up- My new Lowel (with one L) light and tripod. It worked pretty well. I think. You liking that towel hanging on the door? How about the drawer fully opened. Yeah… this was obviously an impromptu with the iphone 🙂

Pancakes aka Crepes-9Cooking up the apples…all good…

Pancakes aka Crepes-2Trying to pour a little Calvados, light, see flame and snap a photo…

Pancakes aka Crepes-5In your dreams… the most I could get was a little after effect. I think.

Pancakes aka Crepes-2I think… this leads me to disclosing the fact my mac screen is freaking out. I read it might be the inverter, a hardware problem. It’s blinking/flashing pink in the white areas and green in the black areas. And let me tell you this creates a real challenge in editing photos. I really am crossing my fingers!

Pancakes aka Crepes-4So make yourself something pancake like for dinner and enjoy.

Tschüß xx

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  1. Can never go wrong with pancakes … if the looks like yours – quite a studio you have got there in the kitchen *smile
    Your photos are like always – coming at me through the screen. My grandma always made the batter the day before and let the rest for nearly 24 hours before using it – nobody could beat her pancakes. And in the summer she made pancakes cake with whipping cream and fresh strawberries between every pancake.
    I wish you a very romantic Valentine – hope that you’re not alone … but on the other hand can you have a very romantic evening with the help of SkyPe too.


    • The rest is the best 🙂 Our dinner pancakes were especially good. Strawberries and creme between the crepes is a marvelous idea. I’d also like these topped with walnut, banana and whipped cream- maybe that’s what I’ll do with the last bit!
      Alas Valentine exchanges will indeed be through skype… We are a romantic type but that’s everyday. The 14th holds special though because I was properly proposed too 🙂


      • I have got a lot of passion over Skype – and I’m glad that you have romance and passion everyday … sound very good to me.

        Banana and walnuts … drizzeled with maple syrup – now you’re talking. *smile

        I wish you both a great Valentine – and I understand that it’s a very special day for you. And I hope it’s not going to feel too lonely for neither of you.


    • The Lowel light was very light and cheaply made but honestly is completely serving my needs for now. I’ve seen some people use two but the one seems to be working fine. I was going to get one in Germany and it was just a matter of paying a lot for shipping but it can be done.
      I do have a Nikon D80. I’ve thought to migrate to Canon but mostly out of self imposed peer pressure (that’s what everyone else has…). But your photos are lovely and you use a Nikon? Really I couldn’t justify the expense when what I have is very good and it’s my skills I can continue to work on. I’ve got a 50mm 1.8 lens and a 18/200mm.
      Lastly, yes this is a travel Manfrotto- I’ve got a little heavier one coming with our shipment.
      Thanks for stopping over and I thoroughly enjoy your blog. cheers… wendy


  2. Haha look at us, I got a last minute (in time for my dinner) pancake post in today too! In my attempt to post recently, I’ve been lagging behind on replies to some comments from readers! Boohoo.
    I’ve got to try your pancakes (during Lent?) 😛 Mine aren’t gluten-free. I mean to go gluten-free for a bit, for health reasons, but I keep buying wheat products lol. Need to sit down and think this through properly… 😛


  3. Such delicious photos Wendy! I think each & everyday should be pancake day. Actually I truly do love your pictures and the drum sieve with that dark (and sultry) lighting and the little sprinkle of flour, is the stuff dreams are made of. That and caramel apples with a smooth sauce. Divine!


    • Thank you. We do eat pancakes and waffles fairly regularly for a dinner meal. Not like every other day- But several times a month. It’s fun and easy.
      Drum sieve – yes. Forgot that word/phrase Thanks… that’s the little stubborn almond bits.
      And a little spicy apple cider caramel is exactly what these crepes need. I did one for a pumpkin bread pudding and think I’ll link it for these. I used maple syrup and it was delicious but kept them status quo. The sauce with the apples would take them up several notches and make a fine dessert too.
      Cheers… x wendy


    • I’m a breakfast food gal too and it doesn’t have to be eaten before noon.
      Yeah- that set up was a hoot. But something to build on.
      I’ve got to get my computer fixed though as it is really impossible to see what photos look like. Right now my white bits are all completely pink. I will probably have to leave it at the mac store which I don’t look forward too. cheers … wendy


  4. Be still my heart!! These look gorgeous Wendy…what a beautiful crepe you make! Can’t think of anything on the face of the planet that quite takes their place! Thank you for this most exquisite reminder! (And with sautéed apples! OH!) This has got to be on our menu soon!


  5. Lovely crepes Wendy! I love your photography set up! Not too mention that fabulous gas stove. I’m usually climbing all over my countertops trying to get the right shot and the lighting, well, me and the lighting fight constantly. LOL! Beautiful as always! PS: I am completely addicted to your Plum Ginger Jam! I think you should jar it and sell it!


    • It is pretty amusing. I’d love to see the “studios” of many bloggers. I’m sure we’d all be humbled and get a real kick out of what can be done with downright ingenuity!
      Glad you liked the jam. I’m about to open some blackberry this morning for my blackberry scones. I’ve got to pick more next year- we’re just about out. xx


  6. Happy Pancake Day Wendy! Your photos always are gorgeous and it was so fun to see you at work with your new camera and lighting. By the way I adore your beautiful kitchen it is such a happy place! I am so glad you made your version of crepes gluten free as this is something I do for my family too. Happy Cooking! Take care, BAM


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