Cider pressing 2013

We had the most lovely fall apple pressing last weekend. Although the big parties can be fun, we also enjoy keeping it small some years with just a few neighbors and the awesome press we’ve had forever. It’s one of my favorite fall activities.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-12

It has a motor that grinds the apples so our almost five year old helper can jump right in.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-6

And he really is a big help. Thanks Max!

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-7The apples can be thrown in mostly whole except for the exceptionally big ones. And they all end up in the barrel like this.applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-8The lid goes on…

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-9And Max and his dad crank it down… (ok this pic is actually from last year just in case you noticed they are wearing different shirts!)

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-19The liquid gold streams out…

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-10We filter it and pour it in jugs. My neighbors will put it in a couple of carboys and can it. I’ve not had the gumption to take it that next step and usually end up freezing it in gallon jugs and half gallon ball jars. Canning is nice though as you aren’t taking up freezer space and you don’t have to wait for it to thaw. The best though is what we drink straight away. Next year I’d like to do some hard cider… intentionally. Not the kind you just don’t drink and it sits in the fridge till it’s carbonated.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-13

As a reminder for next year, we need:

Apple press washed and out-( Wiped down with a diluted bleach solution and dried)

Plenty of apples picked in the days before

1-2 bins for washing apples

A couple big bowls/ pots for receptacles

Plenty of plastic jugs and recycled glass jars, carboys etc

A couple of strainers

A large funnel or two

Tarp for pulp

I laugh, as every year I think really this isn’t that much to remember. But at this point it is. So next year I will literally be referring back to this post and not sitting there with a big bowl of juice saying, oh crap where’s the strainer? Being prepared vs remembering things as the need arises:)

We put the pulp out on a tarp for the fauna to take care of…

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-17Somebody else was having a go at it… he paid for it that evening with a sour tummy.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-11We pressed a good thirty gallons in under three hours. The apples were picked a few days earlier so that time isn’t included. We threw in some Asian pears in a couple gallons and it was soft, subtly sweet and delicious.

Then kaffee kuchen…

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-14

Sitting on the porch chatting, eating apple quince crumb cake and drinking coffee with sugar and plenty of cream. Life is good. And next year will be even better when O is here for full time island life!

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-5This is a couple days later… they are still at it. I imagine an antlered night time party.

applecrumbcake and pressing 2013-15Tschüß xx

PS… Next up: that crumb cake:) mmmmm

PPS… I’m flying to Germany tomorrow to visit O. Can’t wait to see my guy and to eat raw meat open faced sandwiches and Mandelhoernchen!

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  1. It is really neat to see the process that goes into making your own! We recently moved into a home with an apple and pear tree in the back. We paired up with some friends to the apples to get pressed and make cider. I can’t wait to try it. Have a great trip!


    • It is SO delicious when fresh like that. You can also get something similar if you use a juicer and just a few apples. I forget that sometimes. Did you already press yours? I’d like to do a little more mixing next year with the apple and pear. I dried a bunch too. Threw some cinnamon on the pears. It was nice.


      • Yes, we pressed ours a few weeks back. We’re just waiting for the cider now. I like the idea of drying them too, I’ll have to do that next year.


      • Where did the cider go?
        The drying is great. I wish I had the patience to do loads of it. I try to do a little more each year. It’s just a perfect snack for an orally fixated person like myself who likes to have food nearby at all times!


  2. So cool! I’d love to A) be able to press my own cider and B) have a yard like that 🙂 It looks so beautiful out there! I honeymooned in Seattle and Oregon and would move out there in a second if I could.


    • Why can’t you. Except I think you just bought a house in the last year? I moved to the Pacific Northwest twenty years ago from Florida. I do really love it out here. You should definitely check out the san juan islands next time you are out this way. We’ll call in a blogging workshop- I think we could get a few takers.


    • Thanks Claire! They are very gentle creatures who grace the land daily. Of course this is not how I describe them after having broken into my garden! But in their rightful place, I do love seeing them around:)


  3. Hi Wendy, I hope you are having a wonderful time in Germany with your sweet husband. I had to smile when I saw this post. I believe that we have the same cider press…it was made by a gentleman in Washington and shipped to us in New Hampshire. 🙂


    • It is the best press!
      We are having a great time here in Detmold. It’s a beautiful little town where the Hochschule fur Musik is. We will head to Potsdam just outside of Berlin for the weekend to visit my sister- in- law and family. I’m filling up on beautiful bread, meats and cheese and walking everywhere which makes up for it. Eating a landjaeger type thing now but with a softer middle. Could live on those! Tschüß!


  4. Hey there lady! How have you been?! Cool post. At this very moment I have a huge bag full of apples in my kitchen that were picked from our family orchard. Been cutting them up and storing them in the freezer for smoothies. Any more apple recipes for a vegan?


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  6. Hi Wendy, thank you so much for this insight to the production of cider. The press looks like an heirloom (which I’m sure) it is by now. Love seeing that amber hue of all that delicious liquid gold.

    My ext question was going to be what happens to the pulp. I’ve no doubt it’s a seriously big party for the local fauna an a sweet one at that!


  7. Wow. Life where you are is so different to life over here! All I can see when I look out the window is my 1x4metre balcony and the street full of cars below! I do love cider though, and these cider days that you have look beautifully idyllic (despite the hard work embedded in it!). I imagine it must be beautiful to drink homemade cider whilst looking out over the trees where it all started. I loved reading your apple and quince cake recipe also. Thanks for letting me live in your snapshots for a few minutes, I feel more relaxed already 🙂 xx


    • I’m glad. I’ve had much more appreciation this year for our surroundings and the life we have here. It took being away for a few years to recapture that feeling. I’m very grateful.
      And the cider is so sweet and so alive. I LOVE it. We pressed some asian pears into a couple gallons and that was mellow and divine. cheers


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